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The Mother Nature Way

Our philosophy is to produce the highest quality grass-fed beef while caring for our animals humanely and with compassion.  Beef from animals raised entirely on their natural diet of grass has much less fat, which is good for our hearts and our waistlines.

Our Cattle graze on 4000 acres of grass pastures with plenty of sunshine and cool breezes.  We do not believe in administering hormones and antibiotics for the purpose of accelerating beef production.  Cattle are delivered from the pastures directly to the meat processor for processing to ensure a high quality beef product.

 Ranch Memberships

We are members of the following organizations:

Stockman NM

Cowbelles NM

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Our Beef is 100% grass-fed and pasture raised from beginning to end

The health benefits of grass-fed beef are only achieved when you consume meat from animals raised on pasture. Our beef is 100% free of all antibiotics and hormones.  We are audited and certified by the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) organization.

Our Beef is 100% raised on our family ranch

Our yearlings, which are processed at 15-20 months of age, are born and raised on our ranch here in Corona, NM.  We use quality Angus Bull genetics with traits desirable for grass-fed beef production.

Our Beef is locally processed.

Our beef is processed locally in Ft. Sumner, NM or Western Way in Moriarty, NM.  Both processors have been certified and audited by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). 

Our calves are raised in a nurtured holistic environment

Our cattle graze on rangeland divided up into large pastures where we utlize pasture rotation during the grass growing season to naturally control insects and to assure quality rangeland  grass growth. We do not pen up our cattle for the purpose of feeding to gain weight.

Our Beef is dry aged then quick frozen to preserve freshness.

Upon completion of the 3 week dry-aging process, the hanging carcass is processed according to your meat cuts specification and immediately frozen where it remains frozen through delivery.  We do not  inject our beef with preservatives or let them sit out in a display case for days on end like your average grocery store.

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  • 01-01-2021 We are currently taking reservations for our Fall  product.  To reserve your meat please call Sharie at 575-849-0006 or email sleibold@L6cattleranches.com and I will send a confirmation.
  • 01-01-2021 Our customers are able to order meat and pay using an echeck or credit cards.
  • Payment plans are available, call for more information
  • Thanks to all our customers and we look forward to again providing a high quality beef product.

 We are proud to be everyday environmentalists; making every day Earth Day.

  • Our family walks the same land, breathes the same air and drinks the same water as your family. We take our commitment to protect and improve these natural resources seriously.
  • The great outdoors is our office, so not surprisingly, most farmers and ranchers (86%) say conserving these environmental resources is important to their success.
  • In addition, these primarily family-owned farms and ranches will someday be passed on to the next generation. The health of our natural resources is critical to our future.
  • Even though being “green” in the city can be quite different from being “green” in rural areas, farmers and ranchers share some common environmental practices with their primarily urban consumers:
  • Conserving energy by changing out light bulbs for compact fluorescents, buying energy efficient appliances, adjusting their thermostats and washing clothes in cold water.
  • Generating and using alternative energy such as solar and wind power and bio fuels.


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